Monday, January 15, 2018

My CNS Design Your Life Planner 2018 | What's Inside

Part of my New Year plan is starting with a clean slate - purging all the negative thoughts, bad memories, and toxic life elements - making room for inspiration, second chances, memories, and positivity. Okay that was deep! Haha but don’t we all need a reset button this coming 2018? We all start with writing big goals and breaking it down into little goals. Personally, it is important for me to write it down - my goals, thoughts, finances, declarations, and so on. While others find digital planning and organizing more compatible with their lifestyle, I’m big on writing on actual journals and planners. Although I’m guilty of being one of them who doesn’t finish a planner, this year I COMMIT to finally pushing through a planner to the very last day of 2018. There are endless options but this certain planner caught my eyes when it was introduced to me by my friend Ceejay. This is the CNS Design Your Life planner and I got mine for Php620.00. Here are the reasons why I’m over the moon about it.    

The design of this planner is SO ME. The color palette? very Lights and Latte.      

 Every month is a unique theme. May is my favorite.

Surprise! Lots of stickers! 

Sunday, January 7, 2018

Skincare Haul | Innisfree, Neogen, COSRX from BeautyMNL and Skincare Curator


So I'm back from a long hiatus! 2017 has been a busy and challenging year but reviving this blog is one of my goals this 2018. To start the year right, I'm all for stepping up my game when it comes to my skincare routine. I'm not getting any younger and efforts must be exerted towards delaying the appearance of those wrinkles!

So here are the items I purchased. I decided to try these Korean products because every beauty junkie is raving about them. Between you and me, I would admit I sort of semi-splurged on this haul but honestly, if it's for my skin then I don't mind spending. I hope the products work well with my skin! This will be my first time to try all of these brands.

Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Happy New Year! Changes + A Quick Life Update

Happy New Year!

So I have been gone for a year! I've been into myriad of things like streetdance classes, meal subscriptions, TV series (loooots of it), and some local travels --- nothing spectacular really, just life as per usual :) But now Lights and Latte is back and live! I'm happy to announce that there will be some changes around here. The topics I'll cover will be expanding and the blog will not only be a beauty blog but a beauty x lifestyle blog. So once in a while I'll throw in some food post, books I'm reading, the arts, health, films and TV series, and a smorgasbord of things I derive inspiration from. I know this goes against niche blogging but I want to try this out --- to write about things I feel strongly about. Wish me all the best!  

Happy New Year!