Friday, June 3, 2016

Rainy Day Beauty Do's and Don'ts


Seems like the weather here in the Philippines has started to transition from clear skies to cloudy with a chance of rainfall. Rainy season is finally here! While it's a joy to finally escape from the extreme heat of summer, rainy season can be also be a bummer. Read: sticky face + hair and smudgy makeup is not a pretty sight. So before heading out with that umbrella on hand, here are some of the beauty dos and don'ts during a rainy day.

Do Fill your makeup kit with these:
Makeup remover wipes - for quick touch ups or cleaning smudged makeup due to rain.
Qtips - tidying up feathered lipstick or eyeliners.
Beauty Blender/any sponge - if ever you need a complete retouch or when re-blending creased products.

Don't Choose bold lip and eye colors
Go nude or natural. It's easy to maintain with less the horror of smudging and feathering. It also looks fresh even if you get drizzled with a little bit of rain.

Do Choose cream over powder
Cream blushes and eyeshadows have double the longevity of their powder counterparts. It can withstand light rainshowers, making you look all made up even at the end of the day. Choose ones that are easily blendable. For eyeshadows, it is important that you have a good base or primer to prevent creasing.
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Don't Go for a dramatic look

Skip the smokey eyes or thick eyeliners as it will only lead to panda eyes during a rainy day. Go for a light and natural look which both looks good and is low maintenance. Sporting the no makeup makeup look is perfect for days like this.

Do Use waterproof liner and mascara
This is quite obvious. Opt for waterproof during rainy days. But waterproof liners and mascaras will smudge and become useless if you rub your eyes so try to avoid that habit. Again, panda eyes are only cute in pandas.

Rainy Day Beauty tips
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Don't Skip the lip liner
A lipliner could be your lip color's life saver. It prolongs a lipstick's staying power and prevents bleeding. This is a must if you ever choose dark colored lips. Lip liners, especially nude ones, are a nice alternative for those who are lipstick averse

Rainy Day Beauty tips
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Do Bring your other protective gear
Other than an umbrella, sunglasses are also good even for rainy days. This will be an added protection for your eye makeup when the air gets sticky and humid.

So there you have it - simple and practical beauty tips to survive the rainy season. If you have any other beauty hacks, I hope you share it with us at the comment section.

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