Sunday, June 26, 2016

Perfectly Pixi by Glamourbox

As all of you may know already, I am obsessed about curated beauty kits and boxes. To date, I got the Saladbox March, April, & May boxes, Project Vanity Universally Chic Kit, and now Glamourbox's Perfectly Pixi, a Pixi by Petra curated box. I knew right away I had to preorder when I saw the Instagram post two weeks ago. I am over the moon about the brand as I bought some of their products last month. Here's a little unboxing for you guys and I am telling you, this box is super worth it!

Here's what the box looks like. As you can see, it's in signature Pixi green. Inside is a mix of skincare and cosmetic items which I all love. 

 Here's a little card with the contents and other information.

My favorite product inside is the Book of Beauty - Minimal Makeup. I have been on a hunt for an all-around makeup palette and this one is perfect. It has blush, highlighter, bronzer, and contour. All of them can also double as an eyeshadow. The matte brown color can also be used for eyebrows. I would bring this if I want to travel light or whenever my I bring just a tiny bag with me. 

My second favorite is the Lash Booster Mascara in Blackest Black. I’m not big on mascara since it often gives me raccoon eyes. I only reserve it for special events. I don’t blame the mascara, it’s just my oily lids and lashes’ fault. Nevertheless, I still need a good waterproof mascara and this one just came in handy.

 “A do-it-all mascara that curls, defines, lengthens and thickens with a glossy, waterproof finish.”

I am also happy I got another one of their mini Pixi tonic glow. You all know this toner gives me my much needed glycolic acid fix every day.

Guys, I already have a Shea Butter Lip Balm so I might have this one as a giveaway so stay tuned.

This pack of Makeup Melting Cleanser Cloths is all I need for those nights I feel so exhausted to remove my makeup. And we all know we have experienced that kind of night. It really does the job and saves you a lot of time and energy. I still use my makeup remover on a cotton pad but I reserve this product for those "Just let me sleep already!" moments.

So those are the five products I got from the Glamourbox's Perfectly Pixi. I am happy with it and I still can't believe I got all of it for the price. So that's it for this unboxing. I hope you enjoyed reading and talk to you again soon! 

A little background about Pixi by Petra  (from Pixibeauty.co.uk)
With Pixi by Petra’s ever-expanding global presence, we source our cruelty-free packaging and raw materials worldwide. We value natural, safe, beneficial, and botanically-infused ingredients. We are a brand built on authenticity, honesty, and trust. At Pixi, we believe in all things simple, elegant, and effortless and we strive to inspire others through our products. We are forward-thinking, forward-looking, and future-friendly.

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