Sunday, May 8, 2016

L&L Random: The Pink Army | The Evolution of My Love for Pink

Pink Flatlay

I just love pink and every shade of it. Everything about pink is a contradiction - it's calming yet exciting, innocent yet seductive, modest yet bold!

I used to be indifferent with this color during my high school and college days. I should blame it to my love for hard rock back then. I just resisted anything pink to the point of being averse to people who likes pink. I just couldn't get why the color gets that much love from everyone. The joke is on me now lol.

Then things changed bit by bit unknowingly. When I was in medical school, at my mid-20s, I started purchasing pink items little by little without noticing it. I starting to have the tendency to lean toward the pink version of an item. Yet when everyone asks me if my favorite color was pink, I still say hell to the no. See throwback photos below. During this time, I still deny that pink is my favorite color.

What's in my bag, circa 2009.

Random fact: June 23rd is the annual National Pink Day. 
It was just recently that I finally came out - and confessed my love for pink. There's no denying it anymore! I brandish it blatantly everywhere - my Instagram, my earphones, even the theme of this blog. I am a late bloomer to sign up to the pink club. Now, I couldn't live without pink. I need to see pink in my everyday field of vision. Pink brightens up my day and every photograph. Even Audrey Hepburn is with me on this one.

I believe in pink - Audrey Hepburn
image credit: notonthehighstreet.com
Another throwback: Pretty in Pink, 1986
How about you? Do you love pink? Share what's your favorite shade of pink by commenting down below.

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