Monday, April 25, 2016

Life Lately | Accendere 2014, Gastronomic Discoveries, and Doses of Netflix

This blog needs a little lifestyle update. This post might threw you off a bit from the usual beauty post but Lights & Latte is a beauty and lifestyle blog. I also wanted to share a part of my daily experiences and chronicle it here at my blog. So without further babbling, here’s what I’ve been up to for the past week including places I’ve dined at and a show I am obsessed with currently.

Accendere 2014

I attended my batch yearbook launch. Our yearbook is called Accendere 2014. Accendere is an Italian word which means to light and 2014 is the year we graduated. The yearbook cover was designed by no other than my talented boyfriend Aldrin. It’s a calligram of a Blue Eagle with the phrase “No Atenean Left Behind” which is our school’s dictum in aiming for 100% every medical board exams.  We had a mini reunion. Food and drinks were overflowing.

Image by @corrinemd
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Gastronomic Discoveries

I also met up with my college friends after x number of years! We decided to try Passion by Gerard Dubois. The food was just all good but the Smoked Salmon salad really stood out. I also appreciated their dessert designs which says gourmet all over.

La Boule Cerise

Doses of Netflix

Recently, my obsession with Drop Dead Diva is quite alarming. But seriously, I’m addicted to this show. The humor and freshness got me hooked. Plus, I learn so much about the law and a lot of significant social issues. I highly recommend this TV series. I watch it on Netflix and I’m currently on Season 2 out of 6.

Lawyer Jane Bingum and her assistant Teri

So those were the highlights of my week! Catch more Lights & Latte updates by following me on Snapchat with the username: jabsmd and also on Instagram @lightsandlatte.

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