Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Revisiting My Goals

It is significant to revisit your goals and assess where you are at. And currently, I am not doing well. I know it's a little early to go back to the goals I have set at the beginning of this year but I need to fine-tune some details and gather the reasons why I am merely meeting each goal. Read on for my thoughts and reflections.

Lack of Focus
Being distracted with positive and negative events is one of the reasons why I am not moving forward with my goals. It is important to experience life as it happens and go with the twists and turns but I need to go back on track with my objectives.

Discipline Issues
I never really got the hang of setting rules for myself. I have to compromise a little, I guess. Saying No to impulsive purchases and Yes to setting aside my savings first before spending for the expenses.

Continue Moving Forward 
I should always remind myself to keep moving forward and never get discouraged. There will be a few bumps in the road but just keep going!

Just Meditate, Just Write, Just Go to Work, Just Carry On
Reminding myself to just do the things I have to do and stop complaining, worrying, and overthinking. One day at a time, one patient at a time, one post at a time, and one sleepy post-lunch work at a time.

About the Lotus Mask
I decided to use the Lotus Mask I purchased a few weeks ago from Sephora while reflecting. It's a fiber mask so it comes in a white face-shaped mask soaked with the product. It felt a little heavy and sticky at the beginning but I really loved how cooling and relaxing it felt. It has a very mild scent. The 20 minutes worth of pampering was all I needed to start this week right. I ended up applying the excess product on my neck, hands, and elbows. It was a perfect way to start this week.

Anyways, after I am done with my eight-day training for certification, I will try to tweak my goals to make it more feasible. How about you guys? How are your goals coming along?

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