Thursday, March 24, 2016

My First Beauty MNL Haul

I bought a few things for hair and skincare. I did not reach the minimum fee for free shipping which is 2000 pesos but it's fine since the shipping fee is only 50 pesos. I have heard good things about Aveeno stress relief body wash. Even Beautypedia approves of it. I also decided to get my first bottle of dry shampoo and this one is from TRESemme. H2O+ holiday kit is the last item I got for my moisturizing needs. I have been looking for this brand since when it was my lotion when I started med school and the scent just takes me back to those times. I will do a separate post to review these items soon.

Beauty MNL Haul

Can we all take a moment and look at how adorable their packaging is? It definitely made me smile that day. I highly recommend this online store for the wide array of brands it carries and the overall shopping experience. Call me satisfied. :)

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