Saturday, February 20, 2016

Stress Busters | A Little Latte Talk

We all have those days of being worn out and stressed. They feel exhausting and too draining that we usually feel like quitting and escaping into a place far away from our busy lives to fill those 'empty tanks'. This happens to a lot of us, especially during this age of multitasking with spiking lifestyle and work demands. I would like to share with you some ideas that help me cope during tough times. I hope that they will be helpful for you in some little way too.

1. Take a shower or a long bath.
Go light those aromatherapy burners or scented soy candles and give yourself a relaxing bath or an energizing shower. Pamper yourself afterwards with a body lotion or oil with relaxing fragrance such as peppermint, lavender, or chamomile. You will be amazed at how good and relaxed you will feel right after.

2. Create a morning or evening routine of quiet time.
Allot as little as 10 minutes of quiet time for yourself. You can dedicate this moment to drinking tea or coffee, writing or reviewing your goals, listening to relaxing music, meditation, a prayer, or even simple deep breathing exercises. This habit will give you your much needed downtime and help clear your mind.

3. Get lost in a good book.
It can be a novel, a self-help book or any book that sparks your interest so much that you find it hard to put down. It's a great way to escape and update that long untouched 'Books I've Read' list. I have been on a self-help book binge lately and it amazes me how much I learn about life from them.

4. Engage in physical activities constantly.
Go for a walk, download dance videos from YouTube, stretch, or lift weights. Try to squeeze one or two of these into your daily schedule. The physical and mental benefits you will reap will be rewarding.

5. Accept the possibility that your stress might be from that Cheetos or Lays or sisig
Sometimes we feel heavy because of all the junk we eat. Whenever I feel worn out, I order a green smoothie and a salad from a store in our building (aka Go! Salad). I enjoy these greens and I instantly feel more focused, refreshed, and healthy.

6. Sleep Better
The key for getting quality sleep is practicing sleep hygiene. Say no to late night Netflix, Instagram, or Viber conferences. Also, put your gadgets away from your bed. Try to stay off caffeine after dinner. Limit daytime naps. Develop and stick to a sleep schedule. Develop a bedtime routine like putting on soft relaxing music, taking a warm bath, or reading a book. Lavender scented room spray can also help calm your senses. Certain supplements with vitamin B complex, folic acid, and magnesium can help produce tryptophan in our system for improving the quality of our sleep. 

These techniques are easy, simple, and they work well. I suggest you give them a try. Incorporating one or two stress busters in your daily routine will do wonders with your stress levels. 

Happy weekend everyone!

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