Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Love for a Palette | LORAC PRO

Lorac Pro Palette

I just found out that I have never posted about my Lorac Pro Palette. It's one of my well loved and frequently reached product. I have yet to master my eyeshadow skills and this palette has been a perfect company. If I ever had to take a five things in a desert with me, this will be one of it. Well not really, it would probably food, water, lighter, fire, and a knife. But you get my point right?

It has 16 shades divided into two rows - the top row is completely matte and the bottom has shimmer and sparkle shades. All shadows are very pigmented so you just need a little product on your brush and you are good to go. I got mine as a gift and was purchased from Tupped Boutique.

Lorac Pro Palette
As you can see, this palette is a struggle to keep clean. Honestly, I don't mind it and I still love the feel of the packaging but I think it's something worth mentioning.

Lorac Pro Palette

Lorac Pro Palette

Lorac Pro Palette

PRO Palette Shades
Top Row: White (Matte), Cream (Matte), Taupe (Matte), Lt. Pink (Matte), Mauve (Matte), Sable (Matte), Espresso (Matte), Black (Matte)
Bottom Row: Nude (Shimmer), Champagne (Sparkle), Gold (Shimmer), Lt. Bronze (Shimmer), Pewter (Shimmer), Garnet (Shimmer), Deep Purple (Shimmer), Slate (Shimmer)

Lorac Pro Palette
Top Row
White - cool-toned white
Cream - warm-toned pale beige
Taupe - warm-toned brown with a hint of gray undertones
Light Pink - cool-toned pale pink
Mauve - muted pink plum
Sable - medium-dark brown with warm undertones
Espresso - deepened dark taupe with gray cast over dark brown base
Black - medium-dark black

Lorac Pro Palette
Bottom Row
Nude - champagne beige with warm undertones and a frosted finish
Champagne - rose-tinted beige
Gold - medium-dark copper with a frosted metallic finish
Light Bronze - warm-toned peach with a frosted finish
Pewter - medium-dark brown with neutral undertones
Garnet - medium-dark, muted copper with reddish undertones and a metallic sheen
Deep Purple - dark purple with subtle, warm brown undertones with plum micro-shimmer
Slate - cool-toned charcoal gray with teal micro-shimmer

The one thing I noticed was that some of the shadows are loosely pressed and powdery which causes a little mess on the palette. I don't have any issues with fallout once it's on the brush and on the lids. It would be helpful if you prime your eyes with Lorac Behind the Scenes Eye Primer which comes free with the palette. All shadows can be used both wet and dry. 

My final thoughts? I am very happy with it and I can't even think of replacing it for any other. I got nothing but love for this palette!

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