Thursday, February 11, 2016

Eyebrows on (its way to) Fleek! | K-Palette Real Lasting Eyebrow 24h

My brows are naturally unflattering. It is a straight line suddenly dropping on its tail. I have seen eyebrows done by other girls and they look really polished! How do they do it? I can't even draw my brows to make it seem symmetrical. I. just. can't. It's impossible. 

I am in a constant hunt for an eyebrow product for that eyebrows on fleek look. Then I was introduced to K Palette 24h Tattoo Real Lasting Eyebrow. It helped manage my brows even if I am not skilled on that department.  I have not achieved on fleek just yet but I am definitely learning. Well, I still can't make it look symmetrical, but I have been told that brows are sisters and not twins. Yup, I believe my brows are of female gender. 

The best-selling eyebrow liner that produces translucent ink made for filling the gaps and definition of the brows that last all day.

I chose the shade 01 Natural Brown because of my hair color although it's recommended for fair skin. At first I was iffy with the marker tip but I got the hang of it and it's pretty much fool proof. First, I draw the outline of the brow shape I want and then fill in the brow body after.

When I swatched it, it is not as pigmented initially. This is actually good since it I will be able to build the intensity up slowly. This means no more harsh man-brows - which is a common beauty blunder in my case. I usually use it on its own but I put eyebrow mascara on top for that extra oomph. 

What it is:
Smudge-proof & Water-proof
It dries quickly and it lasts all day
Not as Pigmented on every stroke: low chances of man-brows/excessively intense brows
It has 2 shades available: 01 Natural Brown and 02 Grayish brown

What it's not:
It's not cheap at P795.00 for 0.018oz/0.25g.

Sorry I'm such a noob but trust me, this is already a big improvement for my shaky hands!

Share your tips on how to achieve that eyebrow on fleek by commenting down below.

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