Saturday, February 6, 2016

Friday’s 10 Happy Things | 3

Welcome to Friday’s 10 Happy Things, a list of ten things that brightened up my week. Simply recapping these highlights to fill my thoughts with positivity and gratitude.

 1. A new haircut. Finally had the time to chop off an inch or two from my hair. I am loving it! I now officially have a bob. Thank you to awesome Jo Tubato, the senior hair stylist, also the Creative Director of Azta Urban Salon in Eastwood. Check out my Instagram account @lightsnlatte for a photo of my new bob!

2. Beabi Toiletries Pouch. Beabi is a brand catering to different organizing needs of a pouch hoarder that is me! haha. Beabi is a little on the pricey side considering they are just a bunch of pouches with assorted pocket sizes. But overpriced things have a way of growing on you, especially if it helps you organize your life somehow. So I finally bought a mini toiletries pouch for 395 pesos and also some squeeze bottles for my bath and body products. I am really tempted to go back and grab some make up pouches and another for my cables and chargers but my better self is telling me to postpone it til next month or more. 

3. Sephora Philippines. Sephora.ph is now live! We have been waiting for this time for a long time. Luxola, a cosmetics online startup from Singapore, is now Sephora. Although a physical store is still out of the picture, this infiltration though Philippine online market is a good sign.

4. Essential oils. I am late on the bandwagon on exploring these aromatherapy essentials. I am big on candles when it comes to home scents but upon reading some bad effects of scented candles, I opted for something more organic. I got curious about essential oils and I am currently experimenting with a candle diffuser. This is something big for me guys! Another tita venture.

5. Young and Hungry. is a new series I have been watching. It's uncomplicated and tasty like peanut butter and jelly sandwich. It stars Emily Osment as  as a personal chef to young tech entrepreneur Jonathan Sadowski. Throw in Rex Lee as the gay marketing assistant, Kym Whitley as the feisty housekeeper, and Aimee Carrero as the sassy roommate and you got a riot! 

6. Homemade Vanilla Coffee Scrub. I received a bag of coffee grounds from work and I found some recipes on Pinterest using it as a body scrub. I made my own version and blogged it here! It's my first DIY post and it's a success! Check the recipe here

7. A new bluetooth mouse. Now that I have a bluetooth mouse, I cannot imagine how I survived with just my track pad. I bought mine from Logitech for 800 pesos and it's in teal! I surprised Aldrin with a blue one because he really needed one and he loved it. 

8. New Plants. New addition to our home! Plants can definitely liven up your space and make it more relaxing.

9. K Palette 24h Tattoo Real Lasting Eyebrow in 01. I am in a constant hunt for an eyebrow product for that eyebrows on fleek hashtag. I have not achieved that yet but I am definitely learning with this no-fuss item. At first I was iffy with the marker tip but I got the hang of it and it's pretty much fool proof. I can use it alone for everyday brows or with eyebrow mascara for a more polished look.

10. Cooking Fever. Check this game out and you will never be the same person again!  LOL. This is a great way to NOT get things done. That's how addicting it is.

So that’s my first Friday’s 10 Happy Things. Thank you for reading! 

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