Thursday, February 4, 2016

Finding Balance

I remember years ago in our leadership class when we were asked to draw an emblem of our self. The first thing that popped into my mind was a yin yang. There are two reasons why - first because I have always been fascinated by it ever since I was in my rock music junkie phase in high school, second because I know deep inside that it has always been a struggle for me to achieve balance in my life.

Fast forward to today. Lately, I noticed that I have been preoccupied with a lot of things that I tend to miss out some important details or tasks that needs to be done. I forgot to pay some bills, I was out of track with some of my monthly goals, and I have been failing at budgeting.  Don't get me wrong, the preoccupations are the things I really enjoy doing. However, a balance needs to be achieved in order to enjoy my passion and settle my responsibilities at the same time. 

How do I get back on track? Let me count the ways.

1. Weekly overview with my Planner
I need to commit on doing this! I need to sit with my planner every Sunday and study the week ahead. I need to plan out the week and make sure I have written all my to-do's. No more missing important deadlines, bills, and errands.

2. Maximize the use of my virtual calendar
There are numerous apps on time management and staying organized but the calendar on my iPad is enough for me. I can set a reminder which can go off every specific date of the month, every week, or every day. I can type in short notes on specific dates. It can also be conveniently synced to my Google account so I can be reminded through different media all the time.

3. Post my goals where I can see it
Remember my 2016 goals? The thing is I only wrote it here on my blog and on my planner. It needs to be seen constantly. I made it a part of my wallpaper so every time I open my laptop, it's there and I can reflect if I am currently on track or out of it.
My actual desktop with numbers written as x for privacy purposes :)
4. Pray and Meditate
When in need of strength, peace, and focus, these two are the best solutions for me.

5. Allot time for play and relaxation
Although blogging is under playtime and relaxation for me, I think I need to allot time for my other playtime activities such as watching my favorite series and exploring movies on Netflix, watching Lecture series on Udemy, YouTube, and reading books. I felt like this blog has taken a lot of time away from my other hobbies and I am currently figuring out a way to even things out. 

6. Schedule errands
Part of my weekly planning is listing the errands I have to accomplish for the week. To reinforce it better, I need to set a deadline for myself to finish the task. That way, I can prepare myself and I can force myself out of procrastination.

I honestly have a long way to go in finding my center. I realized that balance is not a static state but rather a daily practice. It's a juggling act of evolving priorities and ever changing circumstances. Balance is work and it's a moving target!

As Emily Bremner of New Leaf Yoga Foundation said on her TED Talk, "I discovered that balance will never exist as the destination I so desperately want it to be. Balance rather exist only as this dynamic daily practice. I say practice because it's work. To pursue balance is to do so everyday"

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