Thursday, February 4, 2016

DIY Vanilla Coffee Scrub

I am not a coffee person. I have nothing against it but my body reacts ever so weirdly whenever it encounters a little bit of caffeine in a coffee bean form. No I don't get hyper or very talkative like a normal person intoxicated with coffee. Instead, my eyes gets sticky like I haven't slept for eons. I also get hot flushes much like a pre-menopausal woman sans the irritability. I stay away from coffee as much as possible. That's not true, I can totally devour half a gallon of coffee crumble ice cream. by myself but that's a different story. So when I received a bag full of coffee grounds from work, I was a little curious on what to do about it. I was contemplating on giving it away but I thought why not Pinterest this shiz

I discovered various ways to use coffee grounds not only for gardening but for my body too! I got really excited when I found out that it can be used as a body scrub. I have encountered coffee body scrub on menu flyers from different spa but they are very costly. A homemade body scrub saves money and you know exactly what goes into the mix. The ingredients are readily available at your own kitchen.

DIY Vanilla Coffee Scrub
Coffee grounds filling our room with coffee-esque aroma!
4 tbsp coffee grounds (you can also get these for free from Starbucks)
2 tbsp olive oil
1/2 tsp essential oil in vanilla (you can use vanilla extract)


Mix the coffee grounds, olive oil, and essential oil in a bowl. Mix until it forms a paste and there are only few loose coffee particles left. Transfer to a jar and label. That's it, you're done!

DIY Vanilla Coffee Scrub

Benefits of Coffee Grounds to the Skin
It can exfoliate dead skin and improves skin circulation for a natural glowing skin.
Caffeine tightens the skin making it firmer and temporarily reduce cellulite.
Caffeine is an antioxidant which can help prevent premature skin aging.
Caffeine can reduce puffiness around the eye area because it is a constrictor which can reduce swelling and inflammation.

DIY Vanilla Coffee Scrub

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