Friday, January 15, 2016

theBalm The Manizer Sisters Luminizing Palette

Another palette that has been a staple on my purse is theBalm's The Manizer Sisters. It's a highlighter, bronzer, blush, and eye shadow in one! This palette can definitely multitask. Its slim and travel-friendly packaging makes it easier for me to bring this baby wherever I go. 

Highlighting has never been a part of my makeup routine until I got a hold of this palette. Before, I have been trying to find Mary-Lou Manizer but it seemed to be always sold out. So when I went to Manila Sundance Bazaar, I purchased this palette from Hotfinds Manila. It comes with three of their popular luminizing products - The Mary-Lou Manizer, Cindy-Lou Manizer, and Betty-Lou Manizer. I do not own their full-size versions but I have read several reviews claiming that the quality and color payoff is a hundred percent similar.

The texture of all three products are soft, rich, and buttery. A little product goes a long way. I sometimes even use my fingers when I am on the go and they blend perfectly. 

theBalm The Manizer Sisters Luminizing Palette
theBalm The Manizer Sisters Luminizing Palette
Mary-Lou Manizer
It is a light to medium, golden champagne shade with warm undertones, often described as "honey-hued". I use this as a highlighter right on top of my cheekbones, my nose bridge, cupid's bow, and right underneath my brows. Whenever I use this as an eye shadow, I sweep a little right at the center of my lids to add dimension. I even saw a tutorial on YouTube where they dabbed a little of this on top of their lipstick right at the middle to add more shine. I tried it and it worked!

Cindy-Lou Manizer
This product is a light to medium "peachy pink" shade with pink undertones and a little bit of shimmer. It can also be used as an  eye shadow and might even pass as a blush for those with lighter skin tones. 

Betty-Lou Manizer
It is a medium to dark brown with warm undertones and a golden sheen for that sun-kissed glow. It blends seamlessly and it adds warmth and glow to my face whenever I need it. I usually put this on my temples, on the lower part of my cheeks, and on the jaw line. Sometimes I layer this on top of my blush for a beautiful golden finish. Some of my patients noticed and complimented it. This can also be a gorgeous bronze eye shadow.

Mary-Lou, Cindy-Lou, Betty-Lou

Overall, this palette is impressive and many beauty gurus swear by it. Whether you are simply in need of a good highlighting and bronzing palette or you are trying to get your strobing game on, I highly recommend this product for you.  I love theBalm because their products are talc-free, paraben-free, and cruelty-free. The price is a bit up there but the quality of the products are all great. You can purchase theBalm products directly from the Beauty Bar, and online from Hotfinds Manila, Let me know if you know any other stores that cater this brand. 

That is all and thank you for reading!

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