Monday, February 1, 2016

Guided Meditation Videos | Anxiety Relief & Relaxation

As part of my goals this year, meditation has been a big help for me. It made me more focused, more relaxed, and less anxious. I have to admit, the daily plan became a twice or thrice a week gig but I am still positive that I will be able to make it a daily habit. As a beginner, I listen to guided meditations on YouTube. I usually meditate at night in my room. The ideal place is somewhere very quiet and comfortable. I tried meditating while having foot spa and it also worked. This goes to show that you can do this everywhere. Just make sure to bring your earphones so you can block the external noise which may distract you from your meditation. Check out my favorite guided mediation videos below.

/These videos are short yet the benefits are big. You will feel relaxed and less anxious immediately after listening. Just make sure you resist the urge dozing off, which I often do! (lol) Do it everyday if you can but don't be discouraged if you just do it once or twice a week. Just keep on doing it.

That's it for now! Happy meditating everyone!

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