Friday, January 15, 2016

Friday's 10 Happy Things | 2

Welcome to Friday’s 10 Happy Things, a list of ten things that brightened up my week. Simply recapping these highlights to fill my thoughts with positivity and gratitude.

New Bookshelf
We bought a new bookshelf from Tiendesitas and we have been loving it! We already stacked our books and plants on the shelves. I can't wait to drop by Typo or Dimensione to get more bookshelf fillers. 

Double Your Confidence & Self Esteem by Jimmy Naraine
This is a course containing a series of video lectures from Udemy which was gifted to me by my boyfriend. I personally requested him to buy this because most of the time, I find myself losing my composure whenever I am presenting in a big group of people. Also, self esteem is very significant when it comes to personal development and success. So thank you babe! I am halfway through the lectures and I have learned so much. Maybe next time I will post my learnings here in my blog.

Making a List of my Role Models
This is an assignment from the lecture series I mentioned above. I don't have a particular role model and it's weird because most of my friends do. Jimmy Naraine said it can be a fictional character which was a new concept to me. So now my options are not only limited to real personalities. I have a few role models in mind but I have yet to explore them one by one and make the final list.

Why I'm Great List
This is another assignment from the lecture series. At first it was difficult listing them down but it was soon empowering and it definitely doubled my confidence. You can also do this by sitting down and allotting around 20 minutes to make this list. Then put the list on your wallet or purse and bring it wherever you go. Whenever you are feeling down or insecure, just pull out this list and remind yourself why you are great.

Cooking Pesto with Chicken and Mozzarella
I have been cooking again. Pasta is the easiest for me to cook and I'm crazy over pesto. 

Making Calamansi and Basil juice
This drink is so refreshing and was inspired by Moonshine PUB's drink.
Boil 1 cup of sugar in 1 cup of water
Remove from heat and add a handful of basil leaves
Remove the leaves after 5 minutes and let the syrup cool down
Then add this syrup to a calamansi juice with a proportion of 2 parts calamansi juice and 1 part syrup. 
Add ice and enjoy!

Ice cream | Coffee Crumble and Sansrival
My comfort food during the stressful days of this week, also my YouTube and blogging buddy,

Benefit's Real Cheeky Party Kit
This is my first Benefit make up and I am impressed. The thing is I really need to push myself to sit down and find that time in the morning to put make up on. Most of the time I choose more sleep over this routine. I think I need to step up my make up game. Review and swatches of this set here.

Beef Lasagna and Southern Fried Chicken | House of Lasagna
We ordered this combo twice this week and we can't have enough of it. We ordered via Food Panda and it saved us the time and energy we need since we both work until past midnight. Their Southern fried chicken is the bomb dot com.

Love Never Felt So Good by Michael Jackson & Justin Timberlake
This song was released years ago and recently it has been playing in our house quite often. I cried on the first time I watched the video. This song is just beautiful.

This has been quite a stressful week for me. Making this list is a great reminder that there are things to be happy and thankful about. 

So that’s my second Friday’s 10 Happy Things. Thank you for reading! 

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