Friday, January 8, 2016

Friday’s 10 Happy Things | 1

Welcome to Friday’s 10 Happy Things, a list of ten things that brightened up my week. Simply recapping these highlights to fill my thoughts with positivity and gratitude.

 1. Akira’s stools are formed! I know this is TMI but our baby recovering from diarrhea is the highlight of my week. Thanks to Beterinaryo sa Fort and Dr. Alonte for treating her. I highly recommend this clinic for your beloved pets.

2. Q & A a day 5-year journal. This is a gift from nurse CeeJay for our Christmas exchange gift. It is basically a journal with random questions to answer daily. Same question will be asked on a specific date for a period of 5 years. This is how it looks like.

3. TED Talks on YouTube. What a productive way to spend my free time! I have been watching these videos during when I'm home relaxing and I have learned a lot so far. It’s surprising how a 10- to 15-minute speech can be so inspiring and mind-stimulating. This week, the talks that struck me were Justine Musk’s The Art of Deep Yes, Dan Pink’s The Puzzle of Motivation, and Adrianne Haslet-Davis’ What People Say when They Don’t Know what to Say.

4. Netflix. Aldrin, my boyfriend, surprised me with a Netflix subscription just yesterday which made me all giggly and very excited to catch up on my favorite shows. The huge list of movies and shows to choose from made me feel like a kid in a candy shop!

5. Jane the Virgin. It’s a new show I discovered and I am currently done with the second episode. Since last year, I’ve been chasing my TV junkie blues away ever since I found out that Hart of Dixie is over and I am still on the denial stage of grief. I know it’s been a long time but I just want more of Dr. Zoe Hart (and her fashion style of course!). So this new show I stumbled upon is about Jane Villanueva, a religious young Latina, who got pregnant by an accidental artificial insemination by her OB-Gyn. It’s a satirical romantic-comedy with a little bit of drama. So far, I loved the first two episodes. It's funny and quirky, and it even made me cry already. My anticipation grew even more when I read that the actress, Gina Rodriguez won the best actress award at the 72nd Golden Globe along with other several awards and nominations for the show.

6. Home-cooked Spaghetti. I was able to cook spaghetti last Tuesday. It was not my best spaghetti but it was decent enough to eat!

7. Fast over the counter bank transactions. Nothing bugs me more than long lines at the bank. You cannot use your phone and you are lucky if you get to have a chair. There is always a 50-50 chance of being late on your appointment or work whenever this happens. Thankfully, all my bank transactions this week were all fast and convenient. That's why I prefer online transactions most of the time.

8. Big Mama’s Spicy Chicken. No matter how my clothes will always be amoy ulam from this Korean restaurant, there’s no stopping us from eating their spicy fried chicken!

9. Bayad Center, Robinson’s Galleria. Finding out that there’s a branch of Bayad Center at Robinson’s Galleria (Level 1 Department Store) is just life changing. Insert #adultlife #titasofmanila here. The branch is open beyond office hours since it is mall-based. No need for me to ramble around during my lunch break to pay my bills and catch an 8-5pm Bayad Center branch.

10. This Friday's 10 Happy Things Post. I finally decided to join this link up! I fear that I am being unoriginal if I join this but I realized the obvious that MY 10 Happy Things will always be unique from anyone else's. It is also a way to remind myself of the great things that happened, big or small, and a reminder to be thankful for it.

So that’s my first Friday’s 10 Happy Things. Thank you for reading!

This is a link-up started by Helga of Ditz Revolution. Go check out her blog too!

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