Friday, January 22, 2016

Brown & Berry | Viva Glam III & Fashion Revival by MAC

For days I am being quite bold and needs a lip color to match my confidence, I take out these guns. MAC's Viva Glam III and Fashion Revival, both in matte, are my go-to brown and berry lip color. Both lipsticks are gifted,  the Fashion Revival by Aldrin and Viva Glam III came all the way from Canada from my favorite aunt. 


This color is deep raspberry with a semi-matte finish. This is a limited edition color and I am lucky enough to get one. This baby can last for up to 7 hours on me. This is my favorite date lipstick. I usually wear this with very light blush and nude eyes.
Fashion Revival + Swatches (one swipe vs five swipes)


This is a muted brownish-plum shade. I can practically wear this everywhere. Would you believe I even wore this in Boracay and in a job interview. It is such a versatile brown and the vampiness from building it up gives me the taray vibe I need. This is MAC's third addition to their VIVA GLAM collection around year 2000. I also found out that every cent of the selling price will be donated towards people living with HIV/AIDS. 

Viva Glam III + Swatches (one swipe vs five swipes)

The brown (Viva Glam III) and the berry (Fashion Revival) on me both in one or two layers.
I prefer brown or berry lips over red. If I have to wear don a red lips, it would most likely lean towards brownish red too like MAC Diva which is a reddish-burgundy. Always buy MAC products from their official stores to be sure it's authentic. 

Do you like wearing brown and berry lips? What are your favorite brands for these shades?

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