Tuesday, January 26, 2016

A Little Tea Talk | Allerines Premium Tea

I have always been a tea person not only because of its taste but also its benefits. I prefer tea over coffee simply because the caffeine kick from coffee is too strong for me. Tea has enough of the good stuff to keep me awake and alert sans the palpitations and giddiness. 

We received Allerines Premium Tea package as a Christmas gift and they are all such beauty. This is a Singapore-grown company which started in 2011. Our package contains five of their premium teas - Strawberry Shortcake, African Sunrise, Mango Tango, Sweet Dreams, and Snowy Oolong.

Once I opened the boxes, I can immediately smell the fragrant herbal scent from the tea bags. I have to admit I have been sniffing the combined scent every now and then and it was oddly satisfy.

Pyramid bags with loose-leaf tea, such a colorful palette.
Image credit: Allerines Premium Tea

Allerines Premium Tea

African Sunrise
Image credit: Allerines Premium Tea

Ingredients: Rooibos, blackcurrants, blackberry leaves, roses and mullein flowers, pieces of strawberry and natural flavouring. May contain traces of nuts.
This is described as floral and fruity, it's also caffeine-free, and is best served hot with or without honey. I have yet to try this one. I might try this on weekend while reading my glossies.

Mango Tango
Image credit: Allerines Premium Tea
Ingredients: Green Sencha tea, black ceylon tea, purple cornflowers, lemon myrtle, orange peel, mango pieces and natural flavouring. May contain traces of nuts.
This is best served chilled but I tried it hot and it's still good. The strength is medium so it is ideal to take it in the morning or afternoon when you need the caffeine boost.

Snowy OolongImage credit: Allerines Premium Tea
Ingredients: Fine oolong from a spring harvest in Anxi, Fujian and milk flavouring. May contain traces of nuts.
I have never tried Oolong and it will be my first time this weekend. I will let you know how it goes.

Strawberry Shortcake
Image credit: Allerines Premium Tea
Ingredients: Black Ceylon tea, white chocolate, strawberry with cream flavouring, strawberry pieces and Roman chamomile flowers. May contain traces of nuts.
White chocolate plus strawberries and cream in a cup! It has medium strength and is perfect if you need that caffeine fix for a more productive day. 

Sweet Dreams
Image credit: Allerines Premium Tea
Ingredients: Passion flower, lemon balm leaves, lavender flowers and peppermint leaves
The combination of minty lemon balm plus passion and lavender flowers is perfect for a relaxing night at home or right before you sleep since it is caffeine-free

I usually use each tea bag twice since I feel bad throwing it away after the first brewing. I am still in search of a distributor here in the Philippines since I will need to refill my stash soon. 

How about you guys? Share your favorite cup of tea below. I would love to hear about it and might give it a try too.

Allerines Premium Tea

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