Thursday, November 19, 2015

Manila Sundance Bazaar 2015: Fashion and Food Festival Metrotent Ortigas

It was my first Manila Sundance experience last weekend. We braved the bazaar and survived the pangs of our painful feet caused by approximately less than 4 hours of walking. That previous sentence is deserving of the hashtag #TitasofManila. The first time I went was with my girl friends. It’s funny how easy it was for us to gather, despite our erratic schedules, when it comes to shopping.

Before going to the bazaar, I made a mental note of the list of things I needed to get. On top of my list was these make up essentials:
  • a light to medium coverage daily foundation
  • the raved-about age rewind concealer by Maybelline
  • a dark lipstick
  • a good bronzer and highlight palette
  • a generic sponge
  • an affordable blush palette
I also planned to start my Christmas gift shopping. I was hoping to find some cheap finds at the bazaar but then I realized that the bazaar was not all about cheap items. It was more about items which are not usually found at the malls. At first, the selection and the diversity of the products was overwhelming. I found myself on the verge of buying almost every nice item I get my hands on to. My advice would be to follow the bazaar’s Instagram account at Manila Sundance and browse the stores beforehand. Make a rough list of what you plan to buy. Try to communicate with the stores online and check the prices of the products you want. I personally checked out some stores via Instagram such as Lipstick All U Can and asked for the price. That way, I was able to estimate how much money to bring for shopping plus extra for the food and entrance fee.

I went to the bazaar twice. The first time was with my girl buddies and was all about cosmetics and chismisan. The second visit was with Aldrin and I bought some gifts for Christmas.

The food carts were interesting. Our vision focused more on street foods. The isaw baboy (pig intestines) were expensive at P25 but we bought some nevertheless. We also tried some burritos, nachos, stuffed mushrooms, shawarma, and some good old Milo dinosaurs. The food choices were limited but it was all worth the visit. They featured food vendors from Maginhawa, Lilac, Kapitolyo, and Aguirre.

It was quite scary how fast money slips from your hand when you are at a bazaar. So make sure you have a list of what to get. Limit yourself when it comes to impulsive buys! I have to admit I got weak and gave in to some unplanned purchases but I secured all the things on my list first.

Here are some of the photos taken and some snippets of stories behind it.

Manila Sundance Bazaar: Fashion & Food Festival

Someone took a lot of photos

That's me fighting the urge to buy those dainty tea cups
Shopping buddy 
Alpha Titas of Manila

Alpha Tita loves teal
Food Festival: MSB Eat Street

Food Stalls from Maginhawa, Lilac, Aguirre, and Kapitolyo at MSB Eat Street

Shawarma hits
Caldereta burrito, shitake mushrrom, pig intestine, and shawarma, all looking good!

The Graffiti Wall

Photos needed to be taken, of course.

An accidental shot!

My Manila Sundance Haul

These watches are from the LoveHopeFaith group, a cause-oriented enterprise directing its efforts to helping and empowering cancer patients. Half of its earnings go to the communities they aid. Each watch cost only P200, I am not kidding! I bought some as Christmas gifts and will buy more. I might get one for myself and for Aldrin as well. Despite the price, these watches are very stylish and it comes in a wide range of colors. Visit their site to find out how to order one of these candies.

Time to Save a Life - one watch at a time.

Below are the items on my list. I even scored The Balm's The Manizer Sisters from Hot Finds Manila. It's a multitasking highlighter and bronzer palette. It includes Mary-Lou Manizer, which is a highlighter everyone in the beauty community loves. I am more than happy with these purchases.

Rimmel Stay Matte foundation in Classic Beige (P350)
Maybelline Instant Age Rewind concealer in Medium (P600)
Nyx lip creme in Copenhagen (290)
The Manizer Sisters (P1150)
Basic sponge (P150)
I will most likely feature this product in a separate blog post!
These socks are beyond adorable. I got them for only P100 per pair at Socks Fin. I will definitely buy more of these as Christmas gifts! 

Rubber duckies, cats, and pineapple are mood savers!

I had fun. I had so much fun I was even inspired to start a small business and join bazaars. My products will most likely lean towards crafts, accessories, and cosmetics. Who knows, maybe someday I will be blogging about my bazaar experience as a concessionaire. 

That is all and thank you for taking the time to read through my first Manila Sundance Experience. Feel free to stalk and follow me on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest and on Twitter for more Lights & Latte scoop. Talk to you soon!


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    -Lorenz #AlJab

    1. Hi Lorenz,

      Please promote my blog and #AlJab to your fans. Thanks! Kita kits soon Doc Lolens