Friday, October 23, 2015

Typo BGC - Quirky Finds

Typo is an Australian brand under Cotton On, which in the Philippines is owned by the Bench Group.

Since Christmas is just around the corner, this is a perfect place to shop for gifts especially if you are feeling a little generous. This is perfect for your friends who like interesting and unexpected finds. I think October and November are the best months to shop to avoid the congestion, traffic-wise and crowd-wise.

During a family lunch this month, I chanced upon this store in BGC. I have been reading about the Trinoma branch in several blogs but I haven't got the chance to check it out. I literally jumped when I saw the store for the first time. It is located a few steps from Fully Booked, between Springfield, where Charles and Keith was previously at.

Friends and loved ones, if you have no idea what to get me for Christmas, anything from this store would be perfect!

This is how it looks like outside.

And inside is a hoarder's paradise.

colors, dogs, and everything nice!

A feast! My brain is hyper-stimulated!
A traveler's bestfriend
How adorable is this!
I just want to grab everything! Everything that is non-living :D
Luggage tags and sleep masks
Someone is taking a mustache-fie.
All the designs are fresh and pleasing to look at
paper lanterns
Need. Want. Please be mine!
Perfect gift for pet parents!
This dog toy donut looks good enough to eat!
More toys to chew and fetch for the doggy!
All these sleep masks are everything but boring
Oh my!
This is everything!
I can see myself getting these for our shelves.

Everything sold here is quirky, fun, and inspiring. All items suit my taste which, I might say, is quite decent. You should drop by and see for yourself.


  1. So excited to hear/read that they now have Typo in BGC. :) Btw, they also have a branch in Greenbelt 5 :D

    1. Hi Lei! Thank you for sharing :) I love everything from Typo :D