Sunday, October 18, 2015

My First Boracay Experience

I love the beach. Water is my element. I was a mermaid in my past life, or eel, or merman, or sea urchin, you get it right? I just cannot say no to the sea.

It was two weekends ago that I was able to finally travel to Boracay. I have been to several white sand beaches here in the Philippines, yet I haven't been to Boracay.

The actual length of our trip was three days and two nights. But due to bad weather conditions, flights were delayed. Thus, we were only able to spend approximately 36 hours in Boracay. That amount of time is definitely not enough.

My friends and I have been busy lately living our lives as "real adults" that we have been unable to have quality time together. I am happy we pushed this Boracay trip through and did not let our busy schedules absorb us. I believe this is the first time we went to the beach as doctors.

The hotel - Alta Vista de Boracay

My friend is a member of this hotel so we stayed for free. The hotel is some 15 to 20 minutes away from the beach. The deluxe rooms were spacious with a balcony. I enjoyed the breakfast buffet which was around 300 pesos. Unfortunately, we were not able to enjoy the pool because time was quite limited. It is a nice and relaxing place, though I would advice that you book a hotel by the beachfront. This is to conserve some time and energy during your trip. Trust me, we learned it the hard way. But the stay was free so I won't complain!

Sand! Sea! Salt!

These three combined with amazing company makes a perfect trip! Here are some photos from our short trip. Enjoy!

This is me testing the water. 

Finally, some seawater!
Lublob pa! hahaha
My awesome girls!
The Other Hotel - Asya Premier Suites

We were also able to stay for some time in Asya Premier Suites where some of our friends stayed. It is luxurious and is furnished with exquisite taste. I would say the interiors were magazine-worthy. It also has a small private beach. But since it is along the extension of Station 3, the water is a little polluted with algae. The water is crystal clear a few meters away from the shore though. It was also a plus that the beach is available only to their guests and visitors.

walk walk walk

The suite life.
at Asya suites, © to Caye

We got to have some couple selfies!

My partner in crime, my co-first timer in Boracay , © to Caye

Finally, some time away from the city
Boats afloat the calm shore
I learned that as you walk from Station 3 to Station 1, the sand gets finer and the sea gets clearer. The sand in Station 1 is almost clay-like. It is a pleasure to walk barefoot along the shore. It was a surprise that the seawater is not too salty and I enjoyed it immensely.

Giddy and crazy over the bumpy ride
The Flying Fish

We weren't so lucky with the activities since it has been raining on and off. We initially planned to try three activities - Flying Fish, Helmet Diving, and Parasailing. The first of the three we were able to try. The latter two weren't feasible or not as fun because of the rain so we decided to skip it.

Here are some screenshots from our Flying Fish video.

Aldrin instructing the boat man to strap the GoPro around his wrist 
Nerves kicking in

Here we gooooo!
We decided to have dinner at Asya Premier's restaurant. This is to prepare for the surprise private event that was about to happen. Sorry but due to privacy reasons, I won't be able to share the whole story. So let's shift our focus to the restaurant.

Someone is hungry

My pose couldn't get any more awkward than this
Some salad. © to Caye
Southern fried chicken - because there is no such food here in Manila. *read sarcasm*
Midnight Groupfie
The Infamous Real Coffee

I think this cafe deserves a special mention. This is where we had our breakfast on the day of our departure. We had to try their calamansi muffin everybody is talking about. We ate some sandwiches and tea over some good old conversation.

Calamansi muffin - worth all the rave!

A complete group photo to wrap up our trip
Overall our trip was short and sweet. Unfortunately, we were unable to try the fun activities due to our limited time. They say Boracay is overrated, but I guess it depends on the traveler and his desire to discover more about the island- the food, the people, the culture, and the beauty of the sea. This applies to all destinations I guess.

That wraps up this post. Talk to you again soon. Bye!


  1. nice reading your blog doc! this made me more excited as a first timer to be also in Boracay hopefully next month.. more travel to you in the future and btw if you are still interested to discover SG you can book me as your tour guide for free.. :)

    1. Good to know you're in Singapore, your first love! :) I miss youuu! :) Hopefully we can visit SG next year. See you soon!