Monday, May 18, 2015

Laiya - My First Dose of Vitamin Sea this Year

Hello everybody! Last weekend we celebrated my boyfriend's birthday at Llamar Beach Resort in Laiya, Batangas. It was only an overnight trip so we tried our best to compress as much activities as we can so it will be worth the long travel. Batangas is a good beach spot for ManileƱos looking for an overnight trip without flying. All photos here are taken using our trusty GoPro Hero 4.

My favorite shots are the ones taken during our Banana Boat ide. I think GoPro captured the beauty of the sea and the blue sky.

This one was taken from a video. Super happy me! hahaha
 The birthday boy! Thank you for the whole trip! 

Llamar Beach Resort's owner, Mr. Manny Marquez, is very hands on and the management is very accommodating. It is very budget-friendly that is why it's not really an exclusive resort. You can also bring your own food, rice cooker, and electric stove for an extra electricity charge of 500 pesos. This is very sulit considering that the other resorts require you to avail of their meal packages which fall around 200-300 pesos per meal mark. So if you're not really picky when it comes to the lodging and is okay with a crowded beach then you should check out Llamar Beach Resort especially if you're on a tight budget. We stayed in Apartment 5D and Apartment 5E which is good for 20 people combined.

Finally, some time off from work!

We also did some snorkeling but sadly there weren't as much fish to see. The swim was still good though. I wonder if there are any good snorkel spots near Manila. I have been to Palawan and I haven't seen anything comparable to it so far here in Luzon. Let me know guys if you have any suggestions!

In my element.

It was a great weekend. I saw everybody around having a great time away from work with family and friends. We should really find time to get away, relax, and unwind. It is a MUST! Some people forget how it is like to relax and for me, the beach and the sea will once again teach you how.

Happy week ahead guys!

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