Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Beauty Bar Mini Haul

It has been a long hot month of May! Seriously, it gets hotter every year. I live in Pasig and I constantly need to travel all over the city. The pollution and heat is all too much for the skin to handle. That's why summer means longer and more frequent showers for me - if I could just stay inside the shower all day long.
I have always been a fan of body wash and shower gels because I find them more moisturizing than ordinary soap. I often tend to purchase based on the smell. I gravitate towards fruity, particularly citrus or berry, scents more than floral ones. After checking Beauty Bar's online store, I got curious about these shower and after-shower products.

Potter & Moore Creightons Raspberry & Pomegranate Bath & Shower (P275.00)

Product Description:
Wakey-wakey, revive and shine with this fruity juicy bath & shower cream that will give your skin that burst of energy. Ingredients range packed with natural fruit extracts to refresh, revive and indulge your skin. Lusciously moisturising formulas leave your skin silky soft. Mouth watering fragrances that smell good enough to eat! Ideal for all skin types and family use.
The smell of this - OH EM to the GEE! It smells so good it reminds me of strawberry milkshake combined with raspberry froyo with ice cream on top! I just find it hard not to eat it. Don't worry, I didn't. Well I haven't at least. Whenever I pour it on the loofah and make a foam out of it, the smell is just yummy. Yummy is definitely the word for it. Formula-wise, it does leave your skin soft after rinsing. Although it is moisturizing, it's not really enough to skip the lotion.

Asquith and Somerset Carrot, Lime, & Pepper Fast Penetrating Body Lotion

Asquith & Somerset Carrot, Lime & Pepper Fast Penetrating Body Lotion (P562.50 - on sale from P750.00)

Product Description:

Our light and easily absorbed all over body lotion penetrates quickly and effectively to give an instant moisture burst. Aleppo Pepper stimulates, lime firms and carrot oil helps maintain skin elasticity. These extracts combined with our multigrain blend and shea butter soften and protect your skin with minimal effort! To use: After cleansing with rhubarb, nettle and honey Stimulate and Invigorate Body Wash, massage this non-greasy body lotion all over in circular movements. Quickly absorbed by the skin, this body lotion is enriched with Organic avocado oil and extract of Aleppo pepper to promote healing. Protective lime extract and Vitamin enriched carrot oil also to help protect and maintain skin elasticity.
The smell of this lotion is very faint. I like it that way though since those with strong smell makes my skin itch. The carrot, lime, and pepper combination is said to not only increase and lock skin moisture but promote healing as well. It does live up to its description as non-greasy. It is easily absorbed by the skin too. I find the formula a bit thicker than usual though so it may not be for everyone's preference.So far I am happy with these purchases. I might try their other products especially their Burt's Bees line for skincare and Mineral Fusion for make up.

Thats all for now. Stay hydrated and don't skip the SPF. Enjoy the last few days of summer everyone!

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