Thursday, April 23, 2015

New Laptop from YouPoundIT

I must say, I will give YouPoundIT 5 stars for product leadership, customer service, and product affordability. I have never been this satisfied with an online shop before and you know me guys, I am a rant machine.

So far, after almost 6 months of working, I was able to save for a new laptop. I finally ordered one from an online shop called You Pound It. The customer service is beyond incredible. I am a really fickle minded creature and I switched orders thrice before arriving with my final decision. The team even offered to research and compare those three products to be able to help me decide. They helped me decide which is the best. And mind you, they will not recommend the product which is the most expensive but they will really try to base their advice on the product which is more tailor-fit for your preference and budget. They respond to text messages quickly and are very accommodating. I ordered last Monday and the product was on my doorstep yesterday. Even the person who delivered it was very nice and offered to wait for us to test the laptop. Aaaaand! They also offer weekly discounts which luckily was applied to the laptop I ordered. If you want a smooth transaction and some good vibes to fill your week then I suggest this store. I could go on and on about my good experience as a YouPoundIT customer. Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with them. :)

Dell 3531

This is the laptop I ordered. So far everything has been smooth. It comes with Windows 8.1 with Bing and I still need to get used to not having the usual Start button function. I had to uninstall McAfee in exchange for AVG since I read that McAfee slows down the laptop. In all fairness, I did notice the laptop to be faster when I replaced McAfee with AVG. Aside from AVG, I already installed Chrome, VLC, CCleaner, and iTunes. I am still contemplating if I should purchase Microsoft Office or just... you know. This laptop has a huge 15.6'' screen which for me is perfect for my YouTube obsession and even blogging. It is really hard to provide a decent photo of the laptop so you might have to google it if you want more details.

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