Thursday, April 16, 2015

Catching Up

Hello everybody! I'm back and I have been travelling all around the globe, experiencing different cultures. That's a lie, I've just been working, all month long, all 7 days of a freaking week. But I ain't complainin', this is better than when I was in medical school. So how are you guys? How's summer so far? Sadly, I haven't been to any beach since the year started. This girl needs her dose of vitamin sea! Hopefully I will be able to plan a beach trip before rainy season starts.

Here are some short snippets of what I have been into these past few weeks.


Big news! My very own www.lightsandlatte.com and I am very psyched about it. However, you still have to type the 'www' to access my blog. It doesn't work when you skip typing 'www'. I will try to figure this out so maybe if you have any suggestions in fixing it then please leave your comments down below.


On other news, my boyfriend and I celebrated our anniversary at Cafe 1771. It surely wasn't the greatest experience as there was a reservation mix up. I have to make a review on this one.


I have been catching up on TV series such as Pretty Little Liars, New Girl, and Hart of Dixie. I also started watching Walking Dead and already finished the first season of Empire. I am totally obsessed with Empire and I highly recommend it especially those who are into the entertainment scene. The songs on that show are also Spotify playlist worthy. 


We also purchased a GoPro Hero 4 Silver. We are still exploring it and already took some underwater photos and videos as you can see below. Is it just me or does anybody else gets pressured to engage in extreme sports when you have a GoPro? Let's see, I don't know how to bike, I suck at mountain climbing or anything that involves climbing, I love swimming but I still can't stand on a surf board. So the nearest thing to an extreme sport in my case would be anything that involves water. Am I making sense?


I was also able to catch up with my friends this month! We tried a new Korean restaurant here in Ortigas. I completely forgot the name of the restaurant but there is nothing remarkable about the food so I wouldn't recommend it too. It was previously a photocopying store where we would bind our transes during our Boards review. We remember this place because the store lady here will always annoyingly ask us to unstaple the documents ourselves before she binds it, #thestruggleisreal.

Doctors and Rod haha!
blurry photo is blurry


I was also able to watch Super Junior and Girl's Generation at the Philippine Arena during the Best of Best Concert with Caye. It was bitin. It was my first time to watch a K-Pop concert and the fans were fascinatingly enthusiastic and very supportive. But it was really bitin. We got home around 1am since we sort of got lost in NLEX.


So that's a little bit of what happened lately, the highlights pretty much. I am thinking of planning a beach trip next month with family or a staycation in a hotel with a nice pool. Basically anything to beat the summer heat.

What are your summer plans? I would love to hear about it!

Talk to you soon!


  1. #thestrugglewasveryreal

    i still miss that binding shop though. the restaurant which replaced it is too pricey :(

  2. Hi Lei! Yup, the restaurant is expensive, considering the food taste and ambiance. #arteko :))