Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Cactus Talk

Allow me to share my experience with plants, or the lack thereof. Recently, I miserably failed with my Malaysian mums and basil gardening venture. They are still alive and hanging on but I can tell that they are wrinkly, constantly dehydrated despite frequent watering, and unhappy. It is a little heartbreaking for me. They seem so delicate and helpless. Now before I even get into my sappy speech of how I got so attached with these plants, I think we should redirect our focus more on the little spiky plant.

After the fiasco I mentioned above, I decided to get a low maintenance plant. A cactus is a good choice. The fact that it is also good as an indoor plant is a plus for me. For starters, I purchased one and we'll see if it thrives.

The green and yellow color medley is just adorable.

This one is expensive because of the ceramic pot.

This is the one I got. They grow yellow flowers.
I have read that they need water at least once a week and that rain water is preferred than tap water. I also will read and ask more on fertilizers. Also, too much light can make its color bleach out while too little light will make it stretch upwards from its center, towards the source of light. Excessive sunlight can scorch and permanently scar the cactus and we don't want that.

I will definitely keep you posted on this one. Any suggestions for its name?

Talk soon!

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