Wednesday, November 19, 2014

27 Questions

Good day dear readers! First of all, I apologize for my MIA status for the past few weeks without any notice. The reason for my unintended hiatus is my hunt for a regular job. I have been applying as a regular company doctor since I passed the licensure exam which is last September. For one thing, job interviews are tiring and sort of an emotional roller coaster. It is also enlightening and is a good drill towards self awareness. I have been lucky enough to land a regular clinic schedule for four days but it is only for 4 hours a day so I am still looking for other positions to fill my day.

Another thing, I turned 27 last November 7! Yup, I'm three years away from the big three-O. Mentioning that actually gave me a mini panic attack. It's funny how birthdays make you reassess and revise your goals. As a tribute to my 27th birthday and for you to get to know me better, I am answering these 27 questions. I will try my best to keep things interesting but I have to warn you because most of the time my life has been all about making peace with the mundane. So without further babbling, here goes!

What is your zodiac sign?

Where did you study? 
UP for college, Ateneo for medicine and MBA

What is your phone brand?
Nokia and Samsung. 
I use Nokia (the simplest qwerty one) mostly because of its almost one week battery life!

Where is your hometown?
We move places around Laguna

Five things on your purse?
Card holder, phone, pressed powder, a lipliner in burgundy, oil film 

What is your favorite animal?
I am a dog lover. I wish to have a chow chow or a spaniel soon and name it Elias or Kogi.

What is your favorite color?
My favorite color I believe is called Berry, a mix of purple and pink!

What is your favorite day of the week?
My favorite is Saturday, because you know that the day after is still work-free

What is your favorite food?
Italian, Korean, Japanese, Jollibee spaghetti, and Shakey's mojos.

What is your favorite kind of book?
Inspirational, self-help and suspense 

What is your favorite movie?
500 Days of Summer, Good Will Hunting
Before Sunrise, Before Sunset, Amelie

What is your favorite pastime?

What is your favorite television program?
Hart of Dixie, New Girl, and occasionally Pretty Little Liars. 
I have finished Gossip Girl and How I Met Your Mother. 
I watch them mostly because of good fashion and a light story line.

What's your favorite smell?
That of a lemon cake! 

Who is your favorite author?
F. Sionil Jose

Who is your favorite character from literature?
Holden Caulfield from The Catcher in the Rye 

Who are your favorite bloggers?

If you could sing one song on American Idol, what would it be? 
Valerie by Amy Whinehouse

How much money do you have in your wallet now?
1, 620 Philippine pesos

What loyalty cards/stamp cards do you own?
Timezone, Pinkberry, Gelatissimo,
 Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf, Starbucks, 
Lay Bare, a massage place nearby

Can you instruct someone how to make an origami 'cootie catcher' with just words?
Search origami cootie catcher on YouTube

If there was a movie produced about your life, who would play you and why?
Definitely Rachel Bilson or Leighton Meester, my girl crushes!

What was the last gift you gave someone?
A leather wallet hidden inside the refrigerator :)

What was the last gift you received? and from who?
Lorac Pro Palette 1, a birthday gift from my beau.

What is the last food item you bought?
Eng Bee Tin's Mongo Hopia, currently obsessed.

Have you ever been on a boat? 
Yes, a small motor boat and a big ship en route to different islands in 
Palawan and to Mindoro, respectively.

What are your previous blog name ideas?
Chunky Marshmallow, The Jen Habit, 
Amour Chassant, Cookie Dough Dreams, Jabby Roll

Congratulations for making it this far and for not falling asleep. In case you fell asleep while reading and woke up just now, I am glad you were able to rest even for a bit. Kidding aside, I hope I was able to share a little bit of myself through this post. I will try harder to post regularly. I have listed so many ideas and hopefully I can materialize it before the list becomes too lengthy. Thank you for reading and talk to you soon!

Closing this with "Anna Wintour Answers 73 Questions About Herself", 
a video I can watch all day long!

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