Friday, October 17, 2014

It's Me and My Friday Lunch at Burgers & Brewskies

Hello dear readers! Today I have decided to write on how my day went by. It was a pretty WILD Friday, and by wild I meant eating out in a burger place for lunch and going home past 6pm! I know right, how radical! This is actually a granny version of me, which I have been sporting really well for the past few months.

I have been looking forward to try this burger place my friends have been raving about, for quite a lot actually. I mean, I know I like them burgers. My passion for burgers is probably half as much as my passion for anything pesto. Half is a lot in this case, my friends. I know I could fancy spending a little more when it comes to burgers as long as they are toothsome, which is just a deviant way of saying delicious so I might just say delicious next time. Toothsome still sounds rad though. Yup, the caffeine is kicking in right now. I am now actually having an English breakfast tea, at night, but I digress.

The place is called Burgers and Brewskies or B&B located at Bonifacio Global City, Taguig. 

I ordered the burger called Pendong mainly because of the blue/bleu cheese stuffed inside the meat and the name is quirky and nostalgic - the "Pendong, Peace" childhood game. I read that Pendong was just introduced on the menu last month so it's pretty new. This is how this little number looks like.

The stringy things on top I believe are apples and onions.

Both of my friends A and C ordered one of the bestsellers called Call the Nurse! I just added the exclamation point for drama. The layers on this burger were initially hard to comprehend. 

 So the layers actually sank in and they were bread, bacon, baked mac, cheese, meat, bread.
 The place is nice and quiet during this particular Friday noon. 

They also serve cocktails which I have to try next time, preferably with friends and not alone.

I took this photo while waiting for my Pendong. 
There is a second floor which I will check out next time.

Taste-wise, the burgers were toothsome! The price is around P200-P300 plus 10% service charge. I finished my burger and I was full while my friends had a hard time finishing Call the Nurse. Serving size was okay for one person. Staff were friendly, helpful, and willing to take good group photos. That last one is definitely a plus, right? I will definitely come back to try more burgers and their cocktails as well. Upon checking their menu, I might try the one with smoked salmon and herbed cream cheese called Lox and Cream Cheese. 

Well done if you have read up to this part of my post! I really want to hear if you have any other suggestions for a chill restaurant slash pub around the area which serves tasty and affordable food and cocktails. Feel free to comment down below and share your favorite food place.

Talk to you soon!

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  1. I have been there with my friends once and i completely agree with you! Their burgers have interesting ingredients that deliver you to another gastronomic dimension, a most pleasant one that is. Thank you for sharing this! I enjoy reading your blog! :)