Thursday, October 30, 2014

A Little Spaghetti Talk

Here in the Philippines most of the time, the term spaghetti, automatically means spaghetti in sweet tomato sauce with ground pork and hotdogs. That is the de kahon image that comes into mind whenever someone says "Gusto ko mag-spaghetti!"  Filipino spaghetti is probably a tweaked version of bolognese. Spaghetti is actually the noodle. It is that type of pasta resembling a thin string which is actually its direct translation from the Italian word spaghetto.

Spaghetti is my favorite of all. I had my phase of angel hair pasta which did not last for so long. I also tried some linguine, fettuccine, fusilli, penne, those little bow-shaped ones and so on but I just keep coming back to spaghetti.

I personally like oil based sauce with some sardines or anchovies, half-cooked garlic, basil, and a hint of lemon. I could repeatedly eat it for days.

Aglio Olio with Sardines, EDSA Beverage Design Group in San Juan

Tomato Basil with Grilled Chicken, Dome Cafe in Eastwood

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Cactus Talk

Allow me to share my experience with plants, or the lack thereof. Recently, I miserably failed with my Malaysian mums and basil gardening venture. They are still alive and hanging on but I can tell that they are wrinkly, constantly dehydrated despite frequent watering, and unhappy. It is a little heartbreaking for me. They seem so delicate and helpless. Now before I even get into my sappy speech of how I got so attached with these plants, I think we should redirect our focus more on the little spiky plant.

After the fiasco I mentioned above, I decided to get a low maintenance plant. A cactus is a good choice. The fact that it is also good as an indoor plant is a plus for me. For starters, I purchased one and we'll see if it thrives.

The green and yellow color medley is just adorable.

Friday, October 17, 2014

It's Me and My Friday Lunch at Burgers & Brewskies

Hello dear readers! Today I have decided to write on how my day went by. It was a pretty WILD Friday, and by wild I meant eating out in a burger place for lunch and going home past 6pm! I know right, how radical! This is actually a granny version of me, which I have been sporting really well for the past few months.

I have been looking forward to try this burger place my friends have been raving about, for quite a lot actually. I mean, I know I like them burgers. My passion for burgers is probably half as much as my passion for anything pesto. Half is a lot in this case, my friends. I know I could fancy spending a little more when it comes to burgers as long as they are toothsome, which is just a deviant way of saying delicious so I might just say delicious next time. Toothsome still sounds rad though. Yup, the caffeine is kicking in right now. I am now actually having an English breakfast tea, at night, but I digress.

The place is called Burgers and Brewskies or B&B located at Bonifacio Global City, Taguig. 

I ordered the burger called Pendong mainly because of the blue/bleu cheese stuffed inside the meat and the name is quirky and nostalgic - the "Pendong, Peace" childhood game. I read that Pendong was just introduced on the menu last month so it's pretty new. This is how this little number looks like.

The stringy things on top I believe are apples and onions.

Both of my friends A and C ordered one of the bestsellers called Call the Nurse! I just added the exclamation point for drama. The layers on this burger were initially hard to comprehend. 

 So the layers actually sank in and they were bread, bacon, baked mac, cheese, meat, bread.
 The place is nice and quiet during this particular Friday noon. 

They also serve cocktails which I have to try next time, preferably with friends and not alone.

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Easy Breakfast: A Daily Dose of Fiber and Good Bacteria

We have been reminded over and over again of the importance of breakfast to start our day right. Yet, some of us just don't have the time in the morning to whip some scrambled eggs up or fry some wrinkly bacon for that protein fix. We end up skipping breakfast, and the next thing we know, we become more sleepy and sluggish at work, day dreaming, putting on a frowny face, and hearing rumbling noises brought about by our begging tummy. I know I have been guilty of skipping some good old morning chew and suffered the consequences. Finally, I decided to give breakfast a try. Gradually it became a habit. It doesn't have to be a festive one, it could be anything from a piece of toast to a full egg, bacon, and rice meal!

Here's one of my favorite morning meals to make. It takes less than five minutes to make, tastes good, and provides your daily dose of fiber and good bacteria.